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Fast and Affordable Brake Service

Have you noticed that your brakes don't seem to have the stopping power they used to have? Do they squeak and squeal when you press down on the pedal? Don't put yourself, your loved ones, or the people sharing the road with you in danger any longer.


Poorly functioning brakes are a serious and important safety concern. Our experienced staff can diagnose your issue and give you the quality repairs your vehicle needs.

Safety first

If you're experiencing any issues with your brakes, don't delay! Safety is of the utmost importance to Ray's Auto Center; therefore, at the first sign of brake trouble, get your vehicle serviced by the automotive repair experts.

Brake service addresses:

  • Squeaks

  • Groans

  • Chattering

  • Surging

  • Spongy feeling

At Ray's Auto Center of Lakewood, WA, we get the job done right the first time. Whether you drive a foreign or domestic make, you can count on us to deliver expert repairs at affordable prices.

Have your brakes serviced today to avoid an accident?


Timely Brake Service

Brake Service

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